Claudio Santori, founder of Bliu Bliu


The second interview in the topic of business (the first one, done in Lithuanian, is of Reinaldas Janonis, owner of “The COOK”) is with Claudio Santori, founder of Bliu Bliu.

As some might know, I am interested in startups and tech ventures. While I’m still researching ideas and have nothing even close to an MVP, what could be better than a talk about startups with a person who has just recently went through all the hell and came back smarter?

Claudio Santori is a friend of mine, an Italian, whom I’ve known since around 2012 and I have seen much of the growth of his business and the changes in his own understanding, personal goals and motivation. Therefore, I decided to have a short talk with him – about his past (ever wondered how an Italian ended up in Lithuania..?), how he made a living before his startup, what are his future plans, advice for entrepreneurs and more.

Please enjoy! And if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas – please share them in the comments section below.

Note 1: the video embedded here is the full version, 27 minutes long, almost completely uncut (so expect some minor issues).

Note 2: Bliu Bliu kas not been developed (and is unreachable) in many years now, but the lessons remain.

Note 3: books mentioned in the interview are these: Lean Startup, ReWork and Venture Deals.

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