Dungeons & Dragons


One of my favourite and most enjoyed things when growing up was reading fantasy stories. I’m forever thankful to my mom who brought me those books and helped me fall in love with reading – and reading is still following my life to this day, helping me cope with hardships,

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The Cold

Fjalarr woke that day after a terrible night’s sleep – much like many before, too many he thought. He sat up, thinking about the stressful months.. Or is it a year by now? Hard to tell, as life in his hometown, the underground halls of Khog has been quite different

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Kaip pradėti žaisti Dungeons & Dragons?

Aš vis pasvarstau ar turėjau kokių nors regrets savo gyvenime. Atmetus klajones, motyvacijos paieškas ir įdomius santykius, dėl ko aš tikrai gailiuosi – kad nepradėjau žaisti Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) ankščiau. Turėjau mokykloje nerd’ų draugų, su kuriais keliskart per savaitę rinkdavomės pažaisti stalo žaidimų ar pasikauti Magic The Gathering (MtG)

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Rinn, the arcane trickster

I remember little from when I was a boy, many many years ago. Never knew my parents and the only semblance of family I had was a group of children “employed” by Lemm – a swindler, an abuser, a thief. We all were first taught and then forced to steal

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Drizalle of House T’sistyn

This is a background for a character in my D&D game, playing Out of the Abyss. House T’sistyn were great traders of exotic materials, mostly harvested from otherworldly beings or monstrosities. They were especially known for their poisons – Rylryn T’sistyn was a great ranger, one whom would hunt the

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The Alchemist’s Ruse

The adventurers come to know of a newly opened tavern, one owned by a half-orc named Dronk. Since its opening a month ago, people started disappearing in the neighbourhood and some say it’s the half-orcs fault. It’s up to the adventurers to discover the truth… The Alchemist’s Ruse is an

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Druid: Circle of Nourishment

The Druid circles currently released focus either on spellcasting (land), o shapeshifting (moon). The Circle of Nourishment is my experimental idea on how to make a healing archetype for a druid, not only with extra healing power (in the heal over time effect) but with a heavy roleplaying side –

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The Gith

It seemed the adventurers were strong – two powerful frontliners, the silver scaled paladin Shamack and the lumbering minotaur barbarian Karr, eagle-eyed Odrich, who peppered enemies with arrows or crossbows, the newly joined healer Melisa & the ever dodgy no-one-knows-his-source-of-power warlock Azure. Fyf was also hiding somewhere. No one saw

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Mano veikėjo istorija Petro žaidimui. /// Rytas. 6:00. Ta kasdienė rutina jam pabodo, įkyrėjo iki gyvo kaulo (na, bent čia bėdos nėra, profesiniai ypatumai). “Po velniais..! – kaskart rikteli nuskambėjus žadintuvui. – Kodėl sumeistravau šį pragaro įnagį..” Persiverčia ant vieno šono, ant kito. Kažkur seniai skaitė, kad meditacija gali padėti

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