This post is a collection of ideas or thoughts I reached along the way, through reading, listening, watching and a lot of instrospection. Some could still end up being worthy seperate posts, some are simpler and shorter. I might add some more later on, might not.

– Don’t postpone happiness and the joy of the present thinking you will only be happy after you’ve done something amazing / achieved something / have something etc. Be happy as is – now – most of all because you might not even make it – due to diseases, accidents or other circumstances.

– Since you might die at any time – live a life without regrets. Say your peace, your love and feelings, share your voice, so as not to leave things unsaid and more importantly, unheard.

– We’re often pushed to believe that we need to set goals and aim high, often at specific targets (such as a work position). But often the clearly defined goal, when you reach finally reach it, feels lackluster – as often we set that goal at the beginning, when we have the least amount of information possible. Instead, be a little better day after day, gather information, change and adapt. Enjoy the journey, not only the destination.

– Be childish and playful. We’ve been told to grow up and be serious, but the opposite is much more potent – just sit on the grass, marvel at the sky, the texture of the tree bark, the diamond like quality of raindrops, stare at the stars. Nature, above all, is free and marvelous beyond imagination.

– It’s difficult to detach from your ego fully, but at least don’t slave to it – by “chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need”. Each and any one of us are so much more and so much greater than the fears, wants, anger, frustrations, inadequacies, impulses etc. rising in the ego. Ego demands things that will never make the real you ultimately happy.

– Nowadays it’s easy to be angered by other people, be it from another country, race, with different religious or scientific beliefs, sexual preferences etc. But that’s just it. They’re not other people, they’re still your people. We’re all on Earth together. Find compassion, such as you share with your “group”, and share it with the rest of humanity instead. We are, above all, human. Not races, or nationalities, or orientations. Human. Empathize with those that anger you, try to understand their perspective, their feelings and the anger will dissolve.

– Don’t be a slave to apps/websites with continuous scrolling, built to catch your attention and simply game your brain. Those tiny hits of dopamine (the reward hormone) will only overwork your brain (biological explanation – down regulate your dopamine receptors) and make slower, more efortful (yet more rewarding) activities less attractive and enjoyable. If you can’t stand boredom and would rather shock yourself, think about doing a dopamine detox:

– Create, don’t just consume. There’s great and amazing freedom in creation. And you don’t need to do something grand or amazing or receive many likes and praise. Create for yourself. For the world (even if noone is listening). Plant something, paint something, write something. Anything something.

– Whether you’re rich or poor, famous or nobody, fat or skinny, strong or weak, just accept what is. Neither is better or worse, just is. Don’t judge – especially yourself. Be kind instead.

– Motivation is tricky. Not anyone can be as motivated as some people and there are different kinds of motivation. Best thing you can do – understand yourself first, rather than copy or mimick high performers or rich famous people. There’s struggle and difficulty in being not who you are.

– Furthermore, motivation is not a trait one has or doesn’t. It’s a state. So treat it that way – build up your motivation piece by piece and refrain from activities that are mostly draining.

– Seek discomfort. Many things that make our lives comfortable, be it cars, cushioned seats or easily accessible food end up in the long run ruining our health. Ergonomic chairs are great for companies – you’ll sit at your desk for many hours, no complaints, but the ensuing health problems, such as a fucked up skeletal structure, weak tendons and muscles, not to mention problems with the cardiovascular system, will be your price to pay in the end.

– Be hungry sometimes (in the truest food related sense). You won’t die. There’s great benefit in self-discipline and moderation, and often fasting increases mental acuity and focus.

– For fad dieters – the best way to loose weight is to eat slightly less than you burn during the day – no need for anything dramatic as the losses are unlikely to stick. You can eat literally whatever you’re not morally opposed or allergic to – paleo, raw, vegan, aliens, anything works. But. Some foods are less (or more) filling than others; for example, eating salads alone will eventually trigger your cravings for dense foods – our bodies are too smart to be fooled forever – often leading to giving in to the cravings and regaining the lost weight. Potatoes are great.

– Drink. More. Water.

– Exercise. Not some timed workout in the gym (as if 30 minutes of cardio will fix a whole day of sitting around), but take more walks, take the stairs, lift things, run – humans were born to move, be strong and adapt, not to be sedentary potatoes (edible potatoes are amazing, human potatoes – not so much).

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