A thought popped into my mind recently.

The more I serve – the better I feel. Content, at peace.

And the more I try to do what I “want” – the opposite becomes true – I get frustrated and unsettled.

I went into website design and development mostly because I had the required skills and there was high demand for these skills (still is). It was never my “dream” to do this, I kind off stumbled into it.

Equally, I could’ve stumbled into social marketing, digital advertising, UX/UI or any other web related (or completely unrelated) area of expertise.

At the time, I thought that I should indeed be “driven” or “motivated” or consider a particular craft as my passion in order for the work I did to be meaningful.

But now I feel as if that approach is highly flawed. There’s great purpose in serving people by applying my skills or my willingness to learn.

And as long as the client’s product or project are – in my opinion and understanding – good, I can offer all and any of my skills and be quite happy.

And clients are willing to pay, even throwing money at me, needing the help; and often throwing more than when I offer something I “want” to do or I “want” to offer the world.

Prior to this year, I would not describe my purpose in life through work, considering the things I worked on only as a way to earn money to do something else, that else being the true and one and only purpose of my life (never found what that was for me, though I looked).

Nowadays, it feels as if there’s a balance between all the things I do, whether it’s spending quality time with friends and family and giving quality work to my clients.

I could easily turn away a lot of projects and instead seek pleasure and my personal “wants”, but I learned that there is indeed higher satisfaction through learning, exploring, sharing ideas and thoughts and just serving.

And money, within this context, becomes a nearly limitless byproduct. As long as I’m serving, I get paid enough to be comfortable and be able to serve even more people confidently and without any money related issues plagueing my mind.

And if I’m not making money, am I serving other people? Or just myself?

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