The cell

It’s damn cold. Been here for.. I’m not even sure how long. Tried scratching the walls with something to mark the passing of days, but what’s the point. Eventually, it will work out. I smirk, a tiny bit, on the corner of my lips. The guard, who has been watching me this last shift, turns to me. “Why the hell are you smiling? Gone crazy or something? Should we get you a crazy man’s jacket, lock you up between pillowed walls?” I turn to him, the smile now even wider. “You do know you’re a dead man? Walking on borrowed time? It’s just a matter of time ’til I get my blade back.” “You shit, you’re never touching any blade again. You’ve been a thorn in our master’s arse for way too long, so just sit tight. The noose is what you’ll get, not that damn blade.” The guard then spit in my direction, missing by a mile (figuratively).

I was foolish to trust him. It did seem too good to be true – gaining access to the inner chamber of Malcer’s where I could end it once and for all, but I was too hasty. The countless messages I received beforehand from Tamer describing the castle turned out to be misleading and the guards were warned of my coming. To tell you the truth, I was not exactly surprised when I saw Malcer surrounded by guards, with a mocking smile on his face. I am fast, but not fast enough to cut him down and then survive. At least without preparation. Tamer seemed to also have informed the guards to cover my most likely escape routes. So I just laid my blade down and invited their punches and kicks with a smile, never letting my eyes of Malcer. “Lock him up fast, I hate the look on his face! Something’s is truly wrong with him, Tamer.” “I warned you master, he’s messed up, hoping he can do something to stop you”. He laughed, dryly, while I was being dragged further away, bleeding.

I keep rethinking whether I could’ve done anything better, was there an out for me, where I would not have to endure this waiting. Yes, waiting. The pain will pass, I heal fast and nothing they can do will actually break me. It’s just the waiting that annoys me right now. Shhh. Too much thinking, relax. And I drift into deep meditation.

My inner peace is broken when I hear the sound of doors being kicked open. One of the other guards runs in – and it takes only a fraction of a second – the head of the prison guard flies off. The eyes still seem to have the look of surprise. The attacker walked close to the cell door, picked up the keys off the dead guard, opened the cell and slowly extended the hilt of the blade. I’ve seen this look on the wielders face before. The eerie emptiness of the eyes, the lack of blood in the surface skin. I felt the cold emanating from his body, but the moment I touched the blade I felt the familiar warmth filling me. Reassuring warmth. First the hands, then the chest, then my whole body.

I sensed calm. And anger. “Are you ready to finish this?” I asked, silently. A brief spike of temperature touched the hand wielding the blade, and I knew she was ready.

The next day guards came in to check on me, but they only saw two dead guards, both with their heads sliced off clean. Raising the alarm they went up the stairs to check on Malcer. Once their bashed the door open, silence fell. Placed there, on the throne of his, were two heads, with eyes that seem to have seen the devil, yet with smiles, one mocking and one that of a betrayer.

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